1 Year of total new learning experiences!!! (The reflective essay)

How my way of thinking was broken and rebuild
Let me start by saying “I would have never thought i would do a masters cause i was against it at the beginning” but i have enjoyed my masters more than my undergraduates in so many ways.

I was very “I know this and i know that and i don`t need a second degree” before starting masters and at the start of the masters, lucky i chose something that i was very passionate about and had very limited knowledge of how deep innovation goes. Some of the most important modules this year have been Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation Managment, Growth of Innovative Business, Design Thinking and Business Plan Development in the 3rd semester. Let me elaborate why!

My initial definition of innovation was a company that releases new products & updates the products every year. I was not far off but i didn’t know the differences of types of innovation. Therefor in Innovation management i learned all about different types of innovation such as Radical, Incremental, User Lead, Open, Closed, Active etc. and how these innovations can be managed inside an organization. What’s important for a company is to have an innovation culture and the best example of innovation culture is Google. Companies CEO, Eric Schmitd states beautifully from his quote what innovation culture is in an absent innovation culture company:
“The story of innovation has not changed. It has always been a small team of people who have a new idea, typically not understood by people around them and their executives.” (Enterprise, 2017)
and it’s true what he says because most of the time executives are stubborn and other employees which only follow orders won`t understand you (or your group) in opportunities that this people can bring a company into innovating and growing by expanding the horizon of the company. Allot of company CEO’s can ask questions how does google innovate, can innovation be planned, including myself in the beginning, before i learned what was innovation culture and how can you foster innovation culture in a company. After learning what innovation culture is i agree with the statement of Mr. Schmitd that companies culture and innovation can’t be separated and “You have to have the culture, and you need to get it right” (Enterprise, 2017). Google has an open innovation, and in a book by Henry Chesbrough he describes that “Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology” (Chesbrough, 2006), what this means that when an employee or a group of employees comes up with an idea and they pitch it to you and you decide that the project is valuable then we have open innovation where you share risk and reward with partners. Other types of open innovation is for example when a company comes up with a new Algorithm and this can be useful to other companies, you license the algorithm and therefore charge them a commission where you get part of the profit from what other companies have built.

The reason i’m emphasizing in the culture is because it was hard for me to understand it in the beginning and i was against sharing ideas and therefor innovation culture has helped me become more open minded and to sometimes stop talking and listen to what others have to say around me especially because in the near future i’m planning to open my own company which is focused highly in the creative and tech industry and following an example like google can be a learning experience into adapting our own custom company’s innovation culture and have different sources of income.

This is shown in the project where i worked with Rana, Lulu and Nora, we harvested an open innovation culture between each other unconscionably, making every decision together in a group and never bringing any of us down even when someone was wrong. From Iannis class we learned that in an open innovation you can never call someone stupid or their idea stupid even if is, instead you have to accept their idea and let them know that other ideas need to be generated OR the idea cannot be done because there are not enough resources but we will consider it. If you or somebody else have a deep desire to become an entrepreneur you should not call your ideas stupid or someone’s ideas stupid, “in business brilliant ideas are the ones that make money, not the ones that look the prettiest or sound the smartest, or are the most technologically advanced” (Anderson, 2013). You should remove your “I’m an expert” syndrome and learn to accept others opinions.

And when we were gathering ideas on what project we should do, i had a cool idea to make a table tray for phone charging but this was out of scope because we did not have enough resources (£) for something like this. In the end the girls decided to go with the bag organizer for women and i decided to go along but i knew that we don`t have the resources as in money and skills to make this bags. We kept going until it was time to start manufacturing this bag organizer than in the first week of January 2017 we decided to pivot and with the new idea we worked fast and reliable between each other where we did the whole process of 2 months in just 2 weeks and succeeded on delivering on time. The funny thing is that the 2nd idea that Lulu had was better than the bag organizer, where i proposed to add the feature of headphones to Untangled (travel card & headphones holder) to make it more attractive for our new target students.


Learning Entrepreneurial Finance to calculate how much my company is worth when i only have a product and nothing else (for Venture Capital)

Entrepreneurial Finance taught us how to calculate your company when you only have a prototype or part of the product and you need resources and experts from different fields (employees) to complete your product. It was one of the most learning outcomes cause all of us had no idea we can evaluate ourselves/start-up, it seemed like putting a price tag and hoping everything goes well without difficulties and barriers to the product we are working which to be honest sounded absurd.  Therefore we learned the venture capital evaluation method, which you need to know how much you are going to sell the company in the future or how much the company will be worth when the VCs want to exit what will be the internal rate of return. The IRR is a percentage of the profit your company will make in the end when you exit to the amount of how much your company is worth. Its like saying my IRR is going to be 10% in the end when VC exit because the company has a social cause therefore will not make much return on the initial investment. Also you need to know how much your Price/Earnings ratio (P/E) is, which I need to identify by looking at the public competitors. A cash flow statement will give a look at the profit that you make over the amount of time before the exit.

Knowing your P/E ratio and profit from Cash flow Statements you will find out what will be your company worth on the year of exit also called Terminal Evaluation. Using the discounted terminal evaluation formula you dived terminal value by (1+IRR) in the power of P/E ratio you get your discounted terminal evaluation or also called your initial company’s worth before the investment recived from VC (Worthworm, 2014).

Knowing all this you can easily find how much shares you have and how much shares the venture capital company has.

The reason i made this calculations and gave an example is to show that it can sound complicated but this is very easy and in the end even if you just started and you don`t know what your company is worth you can still find out using VC evaluation method.




Design Thinking sounds strange right but…

In design thinking classes i had an argument sometimes about everything and its thanks to Janja Song that she changed me and made more open minded.

In innovation design thinking is used to foster ideas making the very concept itself of continues evolving. And design thinking process has several stages but these are the most important ones:  Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test (Cohen, 2014). With all this steps problems can be identified, the right questions can be raised, even more ideas can be generated and the best path to follow can be chosen.

Design Thinking Stages



Design Thinking inspires creativity while offering the ability to take an idea in the air and turn it reality. Without even noticing this is what we did with my group this year developing Untangled. In the first semester allot of the exercises like lean canvas, going outside and having a chat with people asking them what are their problems, putting yourself literally in the shoe of someone else is what slowly slowly programmed our minds into thinking in Design Thinking way (method).

The reason why this subject was important for me is because part of fostering innovation culture in my future company has to do allot with the design thinking framework and tools such as the exercises because it helps your employees be better, it generates quicker ideas systematically and in the same time helps the company to understand better their users (clients) to make something tailored for them.

In a way design thinking is user lead innovation, as this can be described in an interview with Catherine Courage when they ask her what design thinking is (Sarizan, 2015) as she states: “Traditionally, many of our product organizations would start with a problem and then—based on intuition about what our customers want—race toward a solution. Today, they actively engage customers along the way, with an iterative process of failing and learning fast as part of the journey. Getting to this point has required big process changes and a new mind-set across the company”.


To conclude i`m a better individual than what i was one year ago and i have learned that if something is important enough you should try even though the outcome can mean failure, as elon musk quote on my blog home page says.

“If something is important enough you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure!”



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The Dilemma of choosing the right Marketing for Untangled (Part 2)

Outbound Marketing (the traditional way) has worked for many years until 2007 where marketeers started to see the shift from traditional marketing to inbound marketing. This does not meant that the outbound marketing does not work, it’s just more expensive.

What do i mean by traditional marketing?! Well the traditional marketing strategies are:

Radio –  Radio has almost 100 years that has been the most popular way for a firm to get the word out to the customers. In terms of most effectiveness, Radios stands on increasing brand awareness to new customers and loyalty from previous customers. Now days, this can be expensive and not as popular as back then as well as not everyone listens the same radio station.

Cold Calling – is the marketing strategy where the salesperson calls a customer back who has not expressed an interest in the product/service that the salesperson has offered to find out why and potentially try to sell the product.

Adverts – is an audio or visual representation marketing strategy which has a non-personal message to promote/sell a product/service. The most popular type of advertisement is TV advertisements but there are other types of advertisements, with leaflets & newspaper.

Television – A television advertisement as mentioned above is a commercial which presents the product/service usually visually describing benefits over competitors.

Direct Mail – This strategy remains as one of the most common in the industry as i have regularly every day in my mail box leaflets, brochures, catalog, postcards, newsletters and other marketing material.

Email Marketing – like Direct Mail is pretty much the same strategy except you get all the promotional marketing material online in your Inbox.

Events – Marketing events can be different depending on the company, but its always based in promoting their product, service, “creators” (like Samsung or YouTube),  good causes. Recent examples: Samsung launched its new S8 and it gathered creators to promote its new phone and other gear options such as 360 vr camera version 2 where people make small movies or videos in the internet.

So to summaries these are all the outbound marketing strategies.

What was important for Univeau(our startup) was that finding the right marketing channels to reach out as many students as possible to sell as much as we can from our product which we were successful in the end. We started identifying all the strategies mentioned in Part 1 & 2. We came to the conclusion that outbound marketing strategies are too expensive, so we discarded all of them including email marketing as we were using in the beginning. So in contrast we chose to go for inbound marketing and specifically social media most, info-graphics and videos.

In the beginning we opened an account for Univeau in facebook, instagram and Twitter as this is what everyone was doing from the requirement to be active in social media. I was against twitter cause for the time being this is unnecessary and there is not enough audience and material for twitter use, so we decided to remove twitter. Therefor we decided to go for facebook where we would post all our material, products, and info-graphics. We would use Kingston University sports group pages and communities to reach our customers and the same thing we did with Instagram where we reached out students to follow them from Kingston University page and getting followed back. In instagram we promoted people who bought our product and we used some videos to see how easy and the benefits of using the products.

One of our tasks was to make a advertisement and that came out great aswell, i directed the commercial and Nora edited. Nora and Rana were the actors where one showed the benefits of using untangled and the other showed frustration in her daily life which Untangled solves.

Link to the commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7MzoziWdY4



The Dilemma of choosing the right Marketing for Untangled (Part 1)

When running a start-up and you want to create awareness of your product or service and therefor now the most popular type of marketing is inbound marketing over the traditional outbound marketing.

Someone might ask, what is inbound marketing? Well my definition of inbound marketing is a mixture of SEO, Website, Social Media, Infographics, webinars, videos, e-books and whitepapers.

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) this is a strategy for higher increase of the amount of visitors in your website. In concrete this means becoming the first on the list of searches when someone searches for your product/company.

Website – Having a friendly UX(user experience) that can engage the customer/client curiosity in exploring your website/products/service.

Social Media – Everyone knows what social media is cause everybody uses the most popular social media platforms like facebook, instagram, snapchat and etc. But the most important is how you use this platforms to communicate with your customers, to get reviews from them, identifying their trends and incorporating that with your products.

Infographics – Infographic it cam be defined as visual images describing complex information easily. For example to describe how many Untangled Units Sold over competitors we can have a size representative of the image of each product by including a numerical percentage on the side. So if untangled sold more than the competitors; the untangled image would be bigger than the competitors in the paper(infographics).

Webinars – are web based seminars that the company chooses to effectively translate their content to the customers therefore they are effective content marketing strategy.  The company has to set the specific topic, day and time to turn first timers that show up to regular attendants. Webinars are considered to be the most effective “lead capture” marketing strategy.

Videos – It consists of using a video material to describe and advertise the benefits of the company/product/service to customers/clients over the competitors &  which can include tutorial videos. Now days Vlogers are another source of video marketing from the opinion of someone who is popular and followed which can influence some audience.

e-books – Think of e-books in marketing as a whitepapers on steroids. The report is longer 12 – 40 pages in length and has complex information made visually appealing and reader friendly for the reader to understand this report easier. The content can include formative and entertaining information in chunky bits rather than linear and boring.

Whitepapers – Is a sort of review/report from prestigious magazine or report company, the purpose of the report is to educate the audinence. For example Tesla has won many times the award for best environmentally(Green Vehichle) car from AAA for the year 2017 and explains in detail why. This is free marketing given to a company from a prestigious and trust-able reviewer by providing a report.

This are all the tools of Inbound Marketing.

Bright Ideas Competition: Relevant or Irrelevant…?

My beautiful team mates had the opportunity to pitch in bright ideas cause we made it to the finals, this meant the judges liked our idea. I was unable to provide assistance to them who were practicing for a week because i was as well a bright ideas finalist for my own online system i had implemented, so i was practicing my own pitch.

In this short blog i want to state a few things about the competition!!

I went there and pitched my idea, but my problem was what i was pitching for, was not that understandable to one of the 5 judges in-front of me; supposedly he was a “big name” in investing in start ups for health & pharmaceuticals environment.  First of all i don`t know why i was not put in the category of social and instead they put me on science, this clearly shows that the people that run bright ideas don’t understand IT systems. Second the judges are not relevant to the category that you are supposed to be. Thirdly if the judge is an Italian you know they love supporting “young university woman”, which is not a bad thing at all, but they need to do their job more professionally and whoever reads this and thinks this is unprofessional comment, they need to go through the photos when the Italian judge gave two European kisses on the cheeks to the beautiful girl, winner of the science division and clearly he was the only one who did this.

But to keep this blog professional i’m not going to give his name as i think this is rude and only directed to the bright ideas organised as suggestions on what to do next year with the new students.

And last but not least, the competition assessment was not fair in my opinion for both me and my team which pitched separate in the product category. Now to explain what i mean by its not fair is that allot of the competitors didn’t have even a product ready or designs at least, all they had is an idea and described why this is beneficial and nothing else. Where my idea and also our product that we made with my team we had a physical product more than a working prototype and therefor not qualified to be winners. This clearly shows that competition is about having a cloud of air in your head and not a product.

Why was i upset with this competition is exactly this four reasons mentioned above and clearly all of us and me individually could have gone there with an idea like: ” we will make a flying drone for flying humans humans like Dubai is clearly going to launch in the mid 2017.


In conclusion the competition was relevant but some of judges irrelevant in my opinion, but as a saying in my country says: ” Be happy with what you get and not with what you could have got” which clearly describes my self in this competition and my team.

Confusion of Branding: UniqueTravel vs Travel Unique

If there is a quote to summaries Univeau its this:

Building a profitable personal brand online is not a sprint, and something that happens over night. Don’t aim for perfection early on. Instead allow your brand to evolve naturally over time and focus on providing massive value and over deliver to your target audience. Then you will get more clear over your message and brand as well. Always remember that!” – Navid Moazzez

It all started with a sprint which we had less than a month when we pivoted from our initial idea, it was after that we realized is better to do everything step by step and identify each milestone to be completed 100% before moving to the other milestone; but sometimes you can even make mistakes which are not identifiable until someone consults you otherwise.

But before coming to that conclusion let`s throwback a little bit to our branding mistake!

There were two options to name our brand: 1) Unique Travel & 2) Travel Unique

What i wanted to translate with the initials of T & U that our product makes when you put a card in the card holder is : ” A Unique way of Traveling for customers where they will never forget to have their travel card and loose it as well as having your earphones on the go”. The girls loved the message but decided to go for Travel Unique, i was also skeptical about naming our product Travel Unique as the girls liked or Unique Travel as the i liked because to me on the back of my mind it always sounded a bit like a travel agency even though i liked both of them.

After our first trade fair we had two branding consultants, after them criticizing our stand because we had no way to hang the huge T between ground floor and first floor so we used allot of tape to glue the T the way we wanted but as the consultants said it looked ugly after so much tape, which personally i agree but what other choice was there.

The next thing that the branding consultants analysed was the brand name of our product which they came to the same conclusion as i did, that our brand sounds a bit like a travel company where you book flights instead of a cool product that students used.

So after consulting with them, they decided that we should focus on our competitive advantage feature and name it what this feature does therefore we re-branded to UnTangled which keeps the letters of out product and it also means that your life is hassle free(untangled) by having the necessary traveling needs on the go.

Prototyping: Be careful, don’t spend half of your core raw materials on prototyping as this will affect profits in the end.

The hardest part of pivoting and is coming up with a preferable design. It took us almost a whole filament of 3D plastic material (pla) with coming up with different designs that fit the card and the headphones. We spent so much time and raw material in concluding the final versions, in other words we were burning our money.

IMG_0125.JPG One of the other hardest challenges was how can we stick this product or a phone or a phone case without damaging the phone/phone case. After some research we got a ready ahesive product from 3M which was strong enough to hold 2Kg of weight and easy enough to be removed with a knife with out leaving any damage.

After having an initial design we decided to start thinking of what we should name or product and what our brand name would translate in terms of product. Allot of peaceful team fights were happening in the group in deciding our product name.

I proposed UniqueTravel, but the girls liked Travel Unique and as democracy rules in today`s world (:P) ,we went for Travel Unique. You would probably ask your self why UniqueTrave or Travel Unique? Well the shape of our product when you put your travel card inside ends up creating two letters accidentally, the T and U hence we thought let’s name it so, but not only, the uniqueness of the product is that you can wrap your earphones around it in this attachable phone accessory.

We even made a kick-ass beautiful innovative stand.


We were ready for our first Trade fair and what was most achievable than the other students was that we did the whole process inside a month cause we pivoted from our initial idea, where other students had 4 months.

“Untangled or Travel Unique(previously)” Part 2/2″ (The Happy ending)

After we decided to go ahead and continue without a bag organizer we spent a weekend where each of us had to come up with 5 ideas. I wanted to focus mainly in consumer electronics, specifically on making a wireless charger table tray for business, where you sit in a restaurant enjoying your food or drink in a bar and you leave your phone of the table and the charging could start automatically. After spending sometime researching on material and process of building one, found it out that it was really easy and not expensive to produce one, where coming to conclusion that the bastards in the market that sell this technology are profiting over 500% from one product sold. The weekend went by and i thought of all 5 ideas for the upcoming meeting.

In the meeting we each had 5 ideas and all of them were heard but allot of them were discarded as either to hard to do and not enough time or to expensive, including my table tray charger idea. During the meeting we had a great idea by one of our members in the group. Lulu was experiencing travel cards difficulties when she traveled and she described the problem she was having that the only solution that was available was to put the travel card in-between the phone case and the back of the phone, as she hated carried wallets or  put them in her pockets due to the damage of bending.

So we aimed to bring a conclusion to this problem after we did our initial research which showed that allot of students who commute everyday to come to Kingston university were having troubles with losing the card, bending the card during their journeys and most importantly forgetting the card home. In my journey to researching if other students and commuter were having similar problems i observed that allot of the students carried headphones specifically “earphones” during their journey to listen to music in doing so creating the illusion of time flying.

When we got back together on the next meeting i proposed to the group that adding earphones wrapper to the product we had in mind was necessary, where doing so we are solving all problems and the other problem which i identified that students will sometimes forget or loose their earphones during their travel. Everybody agreed to add this feature.

After we started designing the product and the rest is history (or as i would like to call it “NEXT ON TGI BLOG”) 😀 .

“Say Hello to my little “untangled” Part 1/2″ (Sad story with Happy ending)

Some beautiful ideas come to an end when they are to expensive to produce, especially when the unit per cost is way to high than what you expected.

We thought we had the great idea, bag organizer for women, our target women who had an unorganized bag and sometimes they didn’t even know what they had in their bag. We did the research, did a focus group with some university students and the outcome was that all the women we met were excited to see our final bag. When the process to manufacture the bag organizer came we went to a tailor to ask how much would it cost us to produce the bag provided that we provide the fabric and the buttons and other necessary  items needed to cut the cost from the tailor, but the tailor didn’t accept to work for less then 15£ which is way to much then what we thought we would pay(5£-9£) per unit. We went around to some other tailors and some of them were charging even more from 20£-25£ to produce one unit of the bag.

We thought we could sell our product for 15£-20£-25£ depending on what fabric we used and what would be preordered by the customer`s preference.

After a hard and sad talk with the team we decided to let go of the project and pivot into a new idea. For some of the members of the group it was hard to let go of this project but they showed to be strong enough in the end.

Check out part 2 soon….

Part 3: Entering the “Dragon’s Den”

I have never in my life have been so confident about presenting in-front of the Dragons because i was “over-prepared” + the key to winning money is to display confidence and to know what you are talking about. In other words it`s “KNOWING YOUR STUFF”. In the background on my head when we were about to present was playing the star wars imperial march theme song, as somehow this displays the dragons and their terror that maybe they would not be interested in a female product as man.

We revised and re-edited our scripts so many times to come to the closest thing to perfection. Why am i saying closest is because we had a little judgment from the dragons, which was all positive feedback for our future.

As a man selling 4 men dragons a woman`s product was hard hence i added a little touch of my time analysis making it into a humor attractive product for men to buy to their women.

We presented with all of us dressed smart for presentation, we did a little acting in the end which represented the time finding the keys in a normal bag and finding keys using our bag organizer “TakeMeOut” which i named it. The result was that with TakeMeOut you find your keys or anything else easier by reducing the time by 50%. It`s crazy how much time woman spent in their lifetime finding stuff in their bags hence they need to be organized or have a bag organizer. From my calculations the longest a woman spends in a lifetime finding stuff in their bag is almost a year, the shortest amount of time is 9 months in a lifetime.

The only negative feedback we had was the elevated part of the pitch was lost due to the to much time spent with research in the beginning and moving the elevation in the end. They told us that the acting should have been done in the beginning to describe the problem.

The positive feedback that we had was they liked the humor, over all was a great presentation and they liked the acting. 4 out of 6 people thought they would buy the product for their wife.

In conclusion we are hoping that we have made the top 3 first price winners.  🙂

File_000 (2).jpeg


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from team UNIVEAU!!!



Part 2: The Lion(R), The Monkey(L), The Snake(N) & The Cat(L) design thinking and prototyping until 1 am.

After attending a workshop in London called FABLab which i thought was 50% useful and 50% useless because they did not have all the equipment to prove our concept which was a harry potter book inspired where it opens the pages while something recorded is played, in a few words “a Halloween prank” and later we got together to brainstorm more ideas.

We explored problems out there and each of us had 5 ideas. I was really excited about my idea which was to make a pocket umbrella where it can fit in any pocket and it has adjustable height. Initially thought the university provided each team with a 1000£ to prototype from Youngeneterprise and then we go into the competition and if we win we get 250£ to 1000£ and so on on other competitions if we are successful.

I think the biggest misunderstanding of this course “Design Thinking” has been that allot of students thought that we initially had 1000£ from the university for producing which for some students spending more of their money seems completely dumb.

Going back to the umbrella, after we asked fablab how much would it costs to build something like this, they came back with an absolutely ridiculous answer by saying that the cast alone could cost 1000£ and i know that all the materials to make a cast cost less than 50£. So my idea was scraped….

So many ideas were scraped by everyone in the group, some ideas were making apps but making apps with out bugs takes longer than 6 months which is less time than we have to go out in the market. One idea that we had was to make a popcorn and a drink tray for when you go in the cinema to easily carry and use the the popcorn and drink while watching the movies. This idea was scraped as well because we were told we can not sell B2B, ony B2C.

So we decided to go for a bag organizer which as a guy i initially thought why would women would need a bag inside a bag to be organised when a bag comes for organizing themselves in the first place. But anyway the idea was quite interesting for the girls so i decided to go along with them because they seemed passionate about it. So all of us set down, made a prototype and in the end we would decided what elements we would take from each of the prototypes.

File_000 (1).jpegFile_005.jpeg

My prototype idea was to make it 3D printed and square in a cool way by using different colors. The girls refused my prototype as it was to big and to bulky which i agree but not scraping it. After deciding for the prototype my task was to go out there research material costs and material options we could use. In the end we had all the measurements and material costs so we had to find out about the price of producing one of these by a tailor and the tailor was over her head saying one of this would costs 20£ to make and this was crazy so we had to look at other manufacturing options. We thought of outsourcing the manufacturing into our countries so that we could sell in the middle of January.

These are some of the other prototypes, enjoy: